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Third person view fighting game that has blocking system.

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Excuse me,

I didn't play alot of games in my life (I don't even play the popular games), I was looking for TPS games that has blocking mechanic and I would like to know how they do it. (For research purpose). Since this is dragon nest forum, i thought there would be couple of players that have been playing those kind of games.

If you know those kind of game can you tell me the title of the game and how they implement it?



For example like....

Fable the lost chapter. Blocking done by holding middle mouse button, and blocking in the right moment will allow player to use special attack. (oh gawd, thats the only game i know)

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Two recent games of note off the top of my head are 

  • Monster Hunter World - weapons with shield complements have guard abilities by pressing L1 on the controller or auto guard if they have Guard abilities from armor or slotted in with gems, different shields provide different limits and revolves around stamina, no stamina = no block.
  • Sekiro - Block and parry revolving around one of the main combat elements in the game : posture, holding down LB will allow you to virtually block any attack as long as your posture has not been broken but this disables you from pulling off a parry which requires timing.

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