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80 Cap Launch events

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80 Cap Launch Events

A New Age (22nd June - 15th July)

With the launch of our new 80 cap client, Volcano Nest and Kairon Nest Labyrinth mode have been added. In order to supplement your journey to top floor of each labyrinth, we will be rewarding players who clear each milestone of the labyrinth of Volcano Nest and Kairon Nest.


3F VN -  40x Solid Star Shards

3F KN - 15x Burning Star Shards

5F VN - 10x Plate Pouches

5F KN - 50 x Intense Talisman Pieces

7F VN -  10 x Intense Talisman Essence (Green)

7F KN -  5 x Intense Talisman Essence (Blue)

10F VN - 1x Choice Rare Talisman (CLEAN)

10F KN - 1x Choice Rare Talisman (CLEAN)

Chingu Says

Over the next few weekends, we'll Chingu and Gloe will be dropping a set of instructions to complete. In order to claim the rewards for this event, you will need to finish all the instructions within 24 hours and submit screenshots to prove that you have finished these instructions to Gloe or Chingu. 



Mirror Mirror on the Wall...Who’s the Strongest of them All

'King of the Hill' is back! This time, it'll be a contest for the king of each class of each region.

This will be a 1v1 PvP event. Match schedules and match settings will be flexible. The kings of each region have been selected based on player activity and colosseum exp. The king of each class will be the first winner of any class mirror match of each region. In order to dethrone the king and take the title of king of your region, all you need to do is agree between king and challenger on a time and setting to play on. If the challenger wins against the king, the title of king will be transferred to the challenger. The last king standing at the end of the month will be the final king of this session of 'King of the Hill'. Results for each match must be sent to Gloe from both players with screenshots provided for the match to count.

*Kings are obligated to arrange a time to play against challengers within the week. Failure to do so (with evidence) will result in forfeiture of your title to the last king.

*Both challenger and kings need to be flexible when agreeing on a mode and time to play. If any player is found to be intentionally stalling the match, I will forfeit the king's title to the last king. 

*A King's title can be removed due to inactivity or for any failure to comply with the event's rules.

*I (Gloe) have 0 tolerance for toxic players. If any players is found to be toxic during this event, you will be punished accordingly (anything from a warning to a permanent ban)



A Hero's Burden

Even as new monsters appear across Lagendia, Black Dragon Karas has been causing chaos. In view of the situation, a bounty has been placed on Karas. Any team that clears Black Dragon Nest(Hardcore) will receive an additional set of rewards.



InfinityNest Facebook Launch

With 80 cap finally released, we need all of your help to bring all your friends to join in the community! You can help us by sharing and liking our Facebook page! Of course this comes with some nice little bonuses as well.






Weekend Party Mix! (22nd June 22nd July)

We'll be throwing in a bunch of different events over the weekends for everybody to have some fun. Be sure to check out the Discord server for the notices to check what event is on for the weekend!


Vary depending on the event.

More Events to be announced...

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