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[2019] Introduction to Infinity Nest!

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Hello, and welcome to Infinity Nest; one of the best and longest operating Dragon Nest Private Servers!
Here you will be detailed with many of the features our server provides to our player base.


To register an account, please click [Here]

To download our game client, please click [Here]

To join our Discord Server, please click [Here]


As of December 24th, 2019, the current version of Infinity Nest is v4.23.

Patch Info List:


There will also be content updates and maintenance in this forum section, so be sure to check them out!


As a private server, Infinity Nest gives you a bunch of new features and benefits to make your journey through Altera easier!
A comprehensive server guide on Infinity Nest, written by one of our staff can be found [Here]

Certain features are currently outdated due to the massive overhaul of Patch 4.0.

Below is a short breakdown of some of our features:

  • Higher 250x EXP per monster kill or:
  • Instantly hit level cap with the Level 80 Skip Potion
  • Dynamic 10x gold and 25x drop rates
  • Custom Infinity Nest Starter Package for new characters
  • [FREE] Cosmetics and other goodies, just for playing the game and being active
  • Level 80 Cap
  • Custom NPCs
  • Custom exchanges, crafts, and shops
  • All characters and classes up to the last patch of Official 80 cap.
  • Custom Infinity Nest items
  • Custom enhancement rates
  • - From +0 to +8, the success rate is 100%
  • - +9~13 is slightly similar to the current official rates
  • -Various accessories can also be enhanced, safe up to +3. (Temporarily unavailable)
  • Experienced and dedicated Staff members
  • The current list of staff members and contact information about them can be found [Here]
  • Experienced server hosting and management


Infinity Nest Events

Joining an event in-game is a great way to win some rewards!

Check out the events listing in the [Official Server Events] section.

In the near future, we will also be hosting Forum-based Events.

If you would like to suggest a theme for an event, go [Join Our Discord Server] or post in [Suggestions and Feedback].


Infinity Nest Custom Features

What really makes our server stand out are our custom features, that are generally a first for Private Servers or Dragon Nest.

Some of the few notable features are listed below.

  • More than one physical server location in-game (EU and SEA)
  • Chat timestamps
  • PvP '50cap' revamp for more skill based gameplay (various EX's disabled, currently a work in progress)
  • Server Time display via the in-game UI
  • Discord Rich Presence support
  • Total Damage display
  • Enemy skill cast bars
  • Brand new PvE mechanics such as proximity based damage, tank busters, and more
  • Daytime and Nighttime environment cycles for a completely New Saint's Haven
  • Disconnects return you back to the Login Screen instead of force-closing
  • Automatically buff yourself by speaking with Irine
  • Party Finder system for various Events

If you would like to suggest any custom features, go [Join Our Discord Server] or post in [Suggestions and Feedback].


Infinity Nest Starter Package

For every new character you make in Infinity Nest, you will be able to gain a custom starter package to help you through your adventure in Altera! They can be located in your inventory after creating the character.


Infinity Nest Exclusive & Custom Items

Once in a while, we will add new and customised items to the server.

These may include tickets for new nests, materials for crafting new items, shop exchanges, class-based exclusive cosmetics, and much more.

In general, we will always reveal what's new in every content patch that drops to the live servers.


Infinity Nest Customised NPCs

Some NPCs were revamped and they have new items which will help you with your Infinity Nest journey!

Below are the current lineup of our customised NPCs and how they will help you.

Job Changer:

  • The Job Changer  can help you instantly change your job, without the need to do Job Quests!


  • She offers a basic custom starter shop filled with some good stuff.  She will also give you Quality Gems and exclusive Infinity Talismans if you trade her Infinity Vouchers.


  • Rosalinde is the main shopkeeper to exchange certain Nest rewards for items such as Mount Coupons, Entry Passes, Wellsprings, and more!

DWC Trader:

  • Whether you enjoy PvE or PvP, the DWC Trader has your go-to for Skill Plates.  No need to craft any of these, just pick and choose the crests you want!


  • This ol' rabbit-thing allows you to convert daily quest items such as Goddess Teardrops into Infinity Scrolls, which can be converted to Vouchers to trade to Elena or to other players.  He also holds the Legendary Pania Costumes, given not only to server donors but also players who play constantly to improve!



We aim to be a fully community-driven server.

We are open to all kinds of ideas for improving the game, adding new items, changing prices, rates, etc!

If you have any suggestions or feedback please go to the [Suggestions and Feedback] section and post your ideas there.


See you soon in-game and enjoy the Infinity Nest journey!


- Sincerely, the Infinity Nest Team.

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