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  1. I'm late but Let's celebrate!
  2. Shakira so pru.... carry me pls carry me ddn memo too pls
  3. Strong sir! I can't even kill a potato.
  4. Kiola


    me kinda.... love-hate feeling
  5. So much dedication! So professional! I'm glad I hired you. Now I'll feature this thread in my guide. Nvm, I think I deleted that joke part.
  6. another attempt on any costume + robot leg and arm mah cleric from the back, I didn't notice I don't get a good view on my bunny ear. Well no matter!
  7. Can someone tell me what's titan nest's boss battle music theme is? My question in discord got drowned T.T no answer yet link will be much appreciated
  8. any costume + robot leg and arm is my favourite. Except when I want to look at their yummy skin. always hid the wings. Only showing tail when it's good. Sadly with L grade ugly tail, I rarely show any.
  9. I'm a jelly seeker and I'm already like. Meanwhile people hate me.
  10. how much is your total i points mr bangs? including in the ....... bankkkkkk


    1. Bangs


      its just small actually,around 1k 😄 not like yours i believe 

  11. sell me yyour i points spongebob chan

    1. Amity


      nawww xD


  12. have you used your i points other than starter pack sir?

    1. Eckirion


      No... So far I only spent it on one starter pack, so you can say I accumulated 180 I-Points ( without excluding the spent 20 I-Points )...

    2. Kiola


      ah i see. btw. looks like i dont get i points doing this.

    3. Eckirion


      Well, this is technically not helping the forum be active...

  13. how much is your total i points sir?

    1. Eckirion


      It's shown in the bar above the "Write a public message on Alsydryn's feed..." bubble... Unless you're referring to the total I-Points he/she accumulated including the total  amount spent...

    2. Kiola


      yes the other one. and the other one of the other one.

    3. Amity


      I'm dead confused 🐟

  14. How much your total I point is mr tiger?