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  1. Heyy, happy birthday @Ashtala ! 🎉

    1. Ashtala


      hey sorry for the late reply, but thank you ❤️

    2. Coldference


      Haha np, you're welcome ! 😄

  2. And no pink name yet I bet like-seekers would be jelly (no hacks nor glitch nor bug abusing, no worries ! It was just a temporary bug, things got back to normal when in town again, worth mentioning it's another player that noticed it while inspecting me so it was not a bug on my end only)
  3. Glad you liked it haha, clip's footage is from the game Mass Effect in case you'd wonder btw bro common forum behavior is to wait at least 24h before reposting after your own reply when nobody else did, it's not only the music posts I think, you're going to be roasted to ashes, not just fried at this pace You can edit/modify your last post with the Edit function below your post in case you didn't know
  4. @OmegaWarr I actually liked the sizzles of the saturation more than I thought I would Just discovered this dude's music, the melodic drop at the end is so epic after all the buildup
  5. Oh I like that, I'd definitely see it fit for a boss fight
  6. I can enjoy various kind of genres depending on my mood but I really get off on this kind of stuff
  7. Ayy je savais pas qu'on pouvait mettre des bannières animées, the more you know ! Choix de qualité en plus 👍

  8. Would this fit your taste ? Their whole Hate Crew Deathroll album remains one of my all time favorites in this genre Or try this retake if you want an awkward laugh
  9. Coldference

    Lost kid

    Lmao he didn't met the minimal requirements to enter, he'll have to party at home instead ¯¯ 乁_( ツ)_ㄏ
  10. Happy birthday dude ! 🎉

  11. Aya first

    1. Tensen


      wew I lost my virginity

    2. Coldference


      Better twice rather than once heh 1322740354.png