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  • Open Guild  ·  2 members  ·  Last active

    The guild is composed of active members from EU/NA/SEA \ouo/ We're all pretty chill and we have a lot of special snowflakes!

  • Closed Guild  ·  1 member  ·  Last active

    [SEA]Guild AngelZ recruiting players! Doesnt matter if you're a new player or an old player, we will welcome you! AngelZ was Originally found under the name of AngelZ on Blue Dragon Nest 5 years ago. Since then we have come far on multiple servers such as BlueDN, PhantomDN, BerryDN, FalconDN and now we are at InfinityDN. If you're looking for the next top SEA guild on this server, then dont hesitate any longer. JOIN LIQUID! It doesnt matter if you have exp or gears. we will teach. we will help. we will hone you until you're at your peak. For Inquiries message me in game (SirThatcher) or just discord me. Cheers, Jin