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  3. Hello i applied yesterday can i join? 

  4. Our very own guild PMV https://youtu.be/gfYaZSTaj14
  5. Im a new player and just registered, they said they sent me an email to verify my account but i dont see any email in my inbox. Whats the problem?

  6. First Ongoing Guild Event~! As a celebration of our guild reaching level 40 while family is slowly growing in number, we have decided to make our first guild event Name of Event: Creation of Guild Logo/Icon Event Period: May 27, 2020 to June 10, 2020 Guidelines are posted on discord server, apply now or DM Locke#0035/NimbleTuna#2617 to be a new part of the family!
  7. Guild Boost by Ash, Thank you very much!!! Cadizz got promoted for earning all officers'/vice guild masters' trust.
  8. Welcome to Springwood's Official Guild Recruitment Thread! ️ Introduction: Springwood is a new family-guild community where players across all regions (NA/EU/SEA) interact and help each other out on gearing up until the end-game phase of Infinity DN, a private server of Dragon Nest. Challenges to be faced by players in-game are infinite, this goes from early-game phase to end-game phase. It's quite grindy, but honestly, it's fun when you have a guild that treats you like a family. A family that supports all members without letting them go stubborn and spoiled. The name "Springwood" is taken from one of the classic server names of Dragon Nest, namely: Westwood, Holywood, Greenwood, and Springwood. The primary objective of the guild is not only help members to gear themselves up, but also improve players' skills on nest and raid mechanics during nest-practice schedules. Uniqueness: - Guild Fund for Monthly Large Scale Events (PVE, PVP, Social) - Rank Promotion System - Small Weekly Events - Dynamic Marketplace (EOs/Gold/DF) with Auction and Bargain Battles! Member Requirements: If you have any one of these requirements, you are very much welcome in the family! - Patience - Independence - Cooperation - Creativity - Humor DM NimbleTuna#2617 or Locke#0035 if you want to join the guild discord server Apply in-game now to become a new member of the family! Draft #2, Subject to be edited
  9. cara regis nya gimana gan

  10. Hello! My name is Jin. Most people know me as Haven/MrJin, leader or Liquid guild back in the old days in infinity dragon nest. I've come back to the server in the hopes of spending some quality time with everyone again and run my guild once more to be one of the best guilds in the server (which we were before).

    If you're interested in joining me DM me here (can we?) or in-game "Haven"


  11. not usable anymore due to Kairon removals of labyrinth/floor system. thanks for tuning in
  12. loboram

    Northeners (EU)

    Hello InfinityNest Community! We are a newly made guild for anyone who can communicate in English. Focusing on Casual, Being Friendly, and trying to have some fun while online. The Guild Leader/Master is Raahm, and he is a very old guy who does not like mainstream-ideology one bit. He does like individualism and being into teamwork, so if you are interested in what we offer, then please let us know.
  13. Reiju

    Bonjour,  je viens de lire le post sur le forum et je constate qu'il y a un gros décalage entre le niveau des mobs et celui du joueur. Si toutefois intéressée à jouer sans prise de tête donjons par donjons voici un autre serveur que j'ai trouvé  http://dragonnestsa.net/.

    Bonne journée!!!

  14. Hello there fellow gamers. Since alot of guides are kind of outdated, this here should be the latest guide for Infinity Nest. Starting Out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advancing Class -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gearing Up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enhancement and Dailies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mid Game Crisis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mid Game Crisis II -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Game Instances -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Game Farming -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Costumes and Currencies 1st : Costumes 2nd : Currencies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The End Hopefully this will help some new players to get a grasp of what Infinity Nest looks like. Hope your stay will be a long one!
  15. bump, changed the posts from screenshots to videos for people that are wondering how the classes playthrough/combos rotation.
  16. WELL since IDN made some changes, i might as well redo some runs due to some damage changes. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sniper's run is with 30% potion, so expect it to be 3 minutes + without potions. Subscribe, Like, Comment, Click the Like Button for more updates in the future
  17. i cant log in in dn e.e

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