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  1. Earlier
  2. Tried to reinstall the game and now I have multiple errors trying to start it
  3. Kupo

    Error Startp

    I also had this error, tried to uninstall/reinstall, now I have a critical error :c
  4. dingshong

    Error Startp

    how to fix this error ?
  5. Seph

    Bug Visual Skills

    Boa tarde sou novo no servidor , gostaria de saber o porque de algumas skills da maioria das classes não aparecerem , e algum bug ou e do servidor mesmo ??
  6. Daves


    Hey guys, I would like to ask about Vandal. There is no legendary gear for him, as well weapons and stuff. Is it gonna be in near future, or should i play different class? There is not even the starting planet or meteor ranchera set for him. Thanks for all answers :)
  7. Hello i applied yesterday can i join? 

  8. Our very own guild PMV https://youtu.be/gfYaZSTaj14
  9. Im a new player and just registered, they said they sent me an email to verify my account but i dont see any email in my inbox. Whats the problem?

  10. First Ongoing Guild Event~! As a celebration of our guild reaching level 40 while family is slowly growing in number, we have decided to make our first guild event Name of Event: Creation of Guild Logo/Icon Event Period: May 27, 2020 to June 10, 2020 Guidelines are posted on discord server, apply now or DM Locke#0035/NimbleTuna#2617 to be a new part of the family!
  11. Guild Boost by Ash, Thank you very much!!! Cadizz got promoted for earning all officers'/vice guild masters' trust.
  12. Welcome to Springwood's Official Guild Recruitment Thread! ️ Introduction: Springwood is a new family-guild community where players across all regions (NA/EU/SEA) interact and help each other out on gearing up until the end-game phase of Infinity DN, a private server of Dragon Nest. Challenges to be faced by players in-game are infinite, this goes from early-game phase to end-game phase. It's quite grindy, but honestly, it's fun when you have a guild that treats you like a family. A family that supports all members without letting them go stubborn and spoiled. The name "Springwood" is taken from one of the classic server names of Dragon Nest, namely: Westwood, Holywood, Greenwood, and Springwood. The primary objective of the guild is not only help members to gear themselves up, but also improve players' skills on nest and raid mechanics during nest-practice schedules. Uniqueness: - Guild Fund for Monthly Large Scale Events (PVE, PVP, Social) - Rank Promotion System - Small Weekly Events - Dynamic Marketplace (EOs/Gold/DF) with Auction and Bargain Battles! Member Requirements: If you have any one of these requirements, you are very much welcome in the family! - Patience - Independence - Cooperation - Creativity - Humor DM NimbleTuna#2617 or Locke#0035 if you want to join the guild discord server Apply in-game now to become a new member of the family! Draft #2, Subject to be edited
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