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    • Hello and welcome! The server is fairly active, though not everyone is always online as a huge amount of players are waiting for the upcoming bug fixes for classes, as well as PvP fixes. Update frequency can happen as quickly as days (for hotfixes on easy issues), but most happen in a week or off and on weeks, as we try and push lots of things out, (plus a lot takes testing and time).  Once bugs and regular (official) content is released, a lot of custom ideas get worked on such as skills, translations, content, and quality of life implementations. Ping is great for EU, the master server is located there, and there are datacentres for EU, NA, SEA, and AUS if you ever need to swap.
    • Hi, so I'm coming from DNEU and I'm curious about how active the server is, content updates, events, and how the community is (population). Also, how is the ping as a guy playing in EU? (Norway)  I'm kind of looking for anything that can convince me to start on this server, I have also been looking on "Celestial DN" if anyone has heard of it, but its located in ASIA or LA I think, so the ping will probably be unbearable for me... I look forward for the answers.
    • Before starting, i need to make one thing clear.  Dark Summoner is a class with quite long cast animation on many skills. this class really falls off on mobile bosses and she is not even getting rewarded for this. Compared to her counterpart soul eater, her skills fall behind quite a lot in damage while she also provides less to party compared to soul eater. (soul eater has a crit buff on soul shriek and %6 attribute resistence debuff on curse. Dark summoner has genie, crit resist debuff, damage taken debuff which soul eater also has.)   She used to be a buffing/support character, Used to have a Dark attack Buff on sadism pleasure, used to share [Curse] with soul eater on screamer tree and had a party wide attack buff on Grudge Formation. But now she has no original/unique party buff. She can be considered a sole dps. A sole Dark DPS which falls of already for being dark attack because she cant be Light. But lets be honest, She actually falls behind even in between classes that are innate dark. easiest example is Soul Eater. SE : 0:14 - 1:06 (52 seconds) DS : 1:13 - 2:42 ( 89 seconds) Dark Summoner took %71~ longer to kill. (as written in video description too along with stats and plates) SE : 0:06 - 0:53 (47 seconds) DS 1:05 - 2:38 (93 seconds) Dark Summoner took %97 longer to clear. As you can see Soul Eater is outdpsing and outbursting dark summoner at same time. I show it as an example because they are both screamer but SE is not even that close to best dps out there. Her 50 Skill Chaos Formationis equal to zero if boss moves but it is not even really rewarding when you manage to land all of its hits. Your hardest hitting skill is the bubble skill Phantom Claw EX Advent( which will probably be removed since it was on T5 class mastery which got removed). This skill needs 20 bubbles to cast. You gain bubbles with %35 chance when you hit with main skills (Phantom Claw, Rampage Claw, Hands of Vengeance, Chaos Formation, Chain Claw). Most of the time you manage to barely cast this bubble skill once a boss or not at all. Although when you cast Sadism Pleasure you get 20 bubbles instantly, this skill has 90 seconds cooldown. Also, Bubble skill takes a while to cast. You barely have any Super Armor during cast. After so much effort to gain bubbles it is really easy for it to get interrupted with 1 normal hit from boss. Damage is about equal to the damage of Spirit Creeps EX from Soul Eater's skills which has 10 seconds CD even tho Spirit Creeps EX is really easy to cast in comparison. Other than those and low board damage on claw skills, She is actually feeling good to play in the duration of action speed buff from her Ultimate skill Phantom Avenger. But out of that, this class feels like death to play with long casts.  So here is my list of suggestions to make this class a viable one: 1-) Rework the 45 level Skill Sadism Pleasure. At the moment, it is really really really useless except for bubbles.  An older version with some buff to party or at least self would be appreciated. 2-) Give a better class mastery. Soul eater's "%10 additional damage on cursed enemies" is basically up all the time while dark summoner needs to stay away from boss to activate her passive. I would rather have %10 additional damage directly or something entirely different, like some stats.   3.a-) If Phantom claw EX Advent is not getting removed, make it easier to gain bubbles. It is really impossible to gain bubbles with the hit count of skills at the moment. Sentinel has %50 chance with so so so many hits on her skills. Making the chance to gain bubbles around at least %50~  along with giving Phantom Rage and Blitz Claw ability to generate bubbles would greatly help.   3.b-) If Phantom claw EX Advent is getting removed, boost the board damages of main skills or do something equal that would make her able to compete with her counterpart, soul eater. 4-) Make chaos do twice as many hits to make it an actually rewarding skill to use. 5-) Increase damage of Phantom Claw, because it has miserable damage, and make it faster to cast. 6) Make Rampage Claw cast a bit faster. 7) Increase damage of Blitz Claw a bit just because it can make some cool combos and so that dark summoner does not need to use soul eater skills as filler. 8-) Decrease cooldown of her ultimate by %30~ extra: It is not only for dark summoner but i would like puppet debuff to be longer duration. Current one is most useless thing ever since debuff disappears as soon as boss gets just a bit away from it. 10 seconds debuff would suffice in my opinion. Also it needs a bit faster cast I really like this class but i cant even play it because it provides almost nothing to party while she also has less damage than support classes. I hope i am not asking for too much but i would really enjoy to be able to main this class without getting judged for playing a shitty class nobody wants in their party.
    • Launcher was broken no is already fixed ;3